Board Selection

Selecting a board is a critical step when growing the business and often a vital component when achieving your strategic objectives.

Board Selection

Stand out from the crowd with an impressive and credible board

We have placed board members for many profiles of organisation. The challenge is most acute at the start-up level as the composition and authority of the board sets the tone for the whole organisation and could be critical to achieving success.

It is important to establish a credible board featuring people with significant track records. Not only does it provide informed governance but it helps a new company gain positive PR and gives the regulator the confidence that you will deliver on your strategic objectives.

A new board normally features more than one individual taking their first non-executive roles. The transition to a non-exec position can be challenging for high-achieving leaders so, as well as identifying candidates, we help to prepare them by explaining the expectations and limitations of the role.

By working together, we can plan a timetable and identify key-board roles before identifying and approaching candidates.

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