Healy Hunt gathers candidate feedback as an on-going process. In the most recent period, we have maintained results towards the excellent end of the classification. Our clients can be confident in the knowledge that Healy Hunt will present their corporate images in the most positive light while preparing candidates to perform effectively during the selection process. Our overall recruitment experience was rated as excellent by 96% of successful candidates who responded. The feedback process is part of our post-placement follow-up that 92% of placed candidates confirmed they had received (the feedback process does not count as a follow-up in its own right).

“I was fortunate enough to work with Grant, an outstanding senior recruiter who has a flair for matching individuals to the right job.”

Consultants’ knowledge of the role was rated as good or excellent by 96% of candidates. This metric measures the clarity with which the details of a role are communicated between Healy Hunt, our client contacts and the candidate. Role descriptions can move during a recruitment process due to dynamic change within the recruiting organisation and sometimes due to the skills of candidates who are placed along the way. We are slightly down on the top rating this time around. This is an area where we will continue to focus while maintaining the flexibility required to achieve the best results for client and candidate alike.

“I would highly recommend Healy Hunt recruitment services to anyone looking to further their career.”

Our consultants’ knowledge of our clients is very strong and has retained a 100% rating of good or excellent this time around.

“The whole process has been top drawer.”

The nature of business at the moment means that interviews remain slightly more predictable than in normal times. The credit for our excellent preparation feedback still belongs to our consultants. As the return to office starts, we will work with our clients to build on the lessons learned in order to maintain this rating which has remained unmoved since our last survey.

“I found the interview prep to be of a very high standard.”

Overall our candidates say we are doing well compared to other search consultancies and we hope to drive the ratings higher next time around. As ever, there is no complacency at Healy Hunt.

“Compared to other agents Healy Hunt have been exceptional, particularly in keeping in contact after recruitment, others agents don’t do that.”


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