Candidate Journey Survey Q4 2023

Candidate feedback is a pillar of our continuous improvement process. In the past year, our feedback has improved across most metrics. Our clients can be confident in the knowledge that Healy Hunt will present their corporate brands in the most positive light while preparing candidates to perform effectively during the selection process. Our overall recruitment experience was rated as excellent by 98% of successful candidates who responded. 94% of placed candidates confirmed they had already received post-placement feedback before the survey.

“Max provided valuable insights and guidance throughout the process, ensuring a smooth and successful transition into my new role.”

candidate rating of healy hunt process

Consultants’ knowledge of the role was rated as good or excellent by 98% of candidates. This metric measures the clarity with which our candidates feel details of a role are communicated to them. Role descriptions can be fluid during the process so this exceptional rating reflects the strength of communication between Healy Hunt and our client stakeholders.

“..always easy to get hold of and had my best interests at heart throughout. You can tell he values his relationships for the long term.”

Our consultants’ knowledge of our clients is very strong and the top rating of excellent is up to 92% this time around.

“It was a refreshing way to deal with recruiters and thanks to his proactive approach I am in a role which I enjoy”

healy hunt excellent knowledge of client statistics

The rating for interview preparation has strengthened even further in 2023, which underlines the efforts of our consultants who understand our clients’ functional, technical and cultural requirements. Excellent candidates are not automatically the best interviewees so this is a fundamental part of our service.

“Communication with my consultant was excellent, professional and personable.”

When asked to compare Healy Hunt to other search consultancies, our candidates say we are doing very well. Ratings in the top bracket are slightly down from last time despite our other metrics being improved. We will continue to strive for optimum service levels and to apply best practices in all areas. 

“The recruitment process was definitely the most positive I have been through”

If your company is currently recruiting or looking to start a search project in the near future, please get in touch with us.

(The quotes in this piece are all from genuine candidates who were responding to the question “What could we do to improve?”)

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