Returning from Maternity

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Returning from parental leave is a challenging transition. New mothers face an emotional rollercoaster getting back into the swing of work while trying to be the best parents. We have new schedules and priorities and in some ways, a new identity. We may feel anxious, guilty or overwhelmed. I’ve had two spells of maternity leave […]

Leadership Trends in 2023

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They say change is a constant. In 2023, the rate of change is accelerating. The skills required by today’s C-Suite are shifting, as are the strategies required to put the right people in place. This blog looks at some of the trends affecting UK Financial Services executives in 2023. ESG Environmental, social and governance (ESG) […]

Embracing the Journey: My Experience as a Part-Time Dad in the Search Industry

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Since becoming a Dad in 2020, it’s been a rollercoaster ride trying to find that elusive balance between parenting and work. I find myself in a small, but hopefully growing, group of part-time working dads with, at minimum, an equal share of responsibilities in parenting and home life. I hope to inspire other fathers to […]

How Will ChatGPT Affect HR?

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Artificial Intelligence is going to affect HR, but how? Chat GPT is the “Conversational AI” that’s grabbing the headlines. Google and Microsoft have also released AI functionality on Bard and Bing. Will artificial intelligence be a help or a hindrance to HR departments? To find out, we looked at how AI is already used by […]

How to Find a Role in Private Equity

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Healy Hunt provides specialist recruitment in the Alternative Investments space led by Director, Orlando Whippy. He has advice for people exploring new opportunities within Private Equity or trying to build a career in this sector. Moving Up the Private Equity Ladder Our practice is best known for placing candidates at the more senior level within […]

How to Recruit Like an Entrepreneur

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Sign up here for our webinar. The session will be held on Microsoft Teams so access is easy and the planned running time is only 30 minutes. The webinar will be led by our MD, Mark Johns, and Raman Ramalingam, the founder of talentX, an innovative consultancy that has disrupted recruitment for start-ups and scale-ups. […]

ESG COP27 Update

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ESG E, S, and G are topics that aren’t new, by any stretch of the imagination. Still, their importance within the strategic agendas of almost every business, in every sector, has amplified enormously. Each is as important as the other, in fact, they all affect how a business positions itself for the future – how […]

Which HR Talent are the Top Companies Targeting?


It’s a question as old as time, do you invest or cut back in the face of turbulent times? An unprecedented storm in the global pandemic and now a bumpy ride with the economy, it’s enough to make business leaders feel weak at the knees. The competitive market for HR talent right now reflects changing […]

The Hardest Deal to Close in Private Equity?

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The Challenge of Hiring Women in Private Equity Despite the proven benefits of hiring women into Private Equity roles, the barriers persist. Could some simple changes to the recruitment process be the key to overcoming them? There have been hundreds of articles written over the past decade about why hiring female talent is one of […]

ESG Recruitment for Financial Services

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Our ESG Specialist, Tom Dagwell, looks at the role of ESG and the challenges of identifying candidates for mid to senior-level positions. ESG is more than a buzzword in the corporate world. Having been around for decades, the combined movement for environmental sustainability, social responsibility and governance is now being taken seriously. As with most […]