ESG Recruitment for Financial Services

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Our ESG Specialist, Tom Dagwell, looks at the role of ESG and the challenges of identifying candidates for mid to senior-level positions. ESG is more than a buzzword in the corporate world. Having been around for decades, the combined movement for environmental sustainability, social responsibility and governance is now being taken seriously. As with most […]

Why Use a Search Consultancy?

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What is the point of engaging a search consultancy when you can just go online yourself and find the staff you need? All you have to do is log into your LinkedIn account, perform a simple search based on a few keywords and your list of candidates will magically appear. Better still, post a detailed […]

Financial Services Recruitment Trends: London 2022

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Recruitment is nearly always part of the solution in Financial Services however bad things become. It became almost impossible at the height of lockdown, but a few people were still being placed and we should know because we were still placing them. UK Financial Services is a remarkably resilient sector, employment numbers have remained at […]

Financial Services Executive Search London 2022

2022 is set to be an exciting year of growth and consolidation for Healy Hunt, our clients and our candidates, in what remains a transitional period for UK Financial Services. Having implemented our diversification strategy, we are well-placed to bring our high standards of search expertise and service delivery to a wider cross-section of Financial […]

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 2021

The push for diversity in Financial Services recruitment is increasing in momentum. Certain sectors in the financial world could do better but most are making strong progress. We are delighted to support the diversity programmes of our clients as it gives them access to a wider talent pool and we know that it pays dividends […]


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Healy Hunt gathers candidate feedback as an on-going process. In the most recent period, we have maintained results towards the excellent end of the classification. Our clients can be confident in the knowledge that Healy Hunt will present their corporate images in the most positive light while preparing candidates to perform effectively during the selection […]

Global Trade Finance Recruitment Trends

As exclusive partners to Global Trade Review, we are asked to write a recruitment overview for their annual directories. Recent pieces  have tended to focus on change, uncertainty and risk, mostly driven by technological advances, Covid, deteriorating trade relationships and Brexit. The themes were inevitably the same this year as we wrote our contribution for the […]

Finance Recruitment Trends Spring 2021

In this blog, Phil Bailey looks at recruitment trends in Finance and the way in which companies with the best talent have been relatively well-placed to handle recent challenges. Strategic Background It is impossible to summarise the last 15 months in two short paragraphs but some context will help us to better explain the current […]


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After a unique year, we have a new set of candidate feedback from Q4 2020. The results are presented in the graphs below along with comments from some of our successful candidates. We have maintained results towards the excellent end of the classification with our best ever overall rating. Our clients know that Healy Hunt […]


COVID is not under control yet but those who have been able to work remotely through the lockdowns have established new work practices. Some of these have been seen as beneficial to workers while still being good for productivity. Essentially, it’s been an extended field test that has challenged the arguments against working from home. […]