Healy Hunt and talentX

Healy Hunt and talentX Join Forces We are delighted to announce that Healy Hunt has joined forces with talentX, to provide expert consulting services to start-up and scale-up FinTech and Tech businesses in the UK. talentX founder Raman Ramalingam joins Healy Hunt and will help bring an extra service dimension to some of our FinTech and Alternative Investment portfolio clients. Raman is […]

WIBF Awards for Achievement

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MD Mark Johns and Director Orlando Whippy were delighted to represent Healy Hunt at the WIBF’s 24th Annual Awards for Achievement. Healy Hunt is proud to support WIBF [Women in Business and Finance] as a full recruitment partner. Not only is workplace diversity a cause that we are passionate about, but WIBF always make their […]

ESG COP27 Update

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ESG E, S, and G are topics that aren’t new, by any stretch of the imagination. Still, their importance within the strategic agendas of almost every business, in every sector, has amplified enormously. Each is as important as the other, in fact, they all affect how a business positions itself for the future – how […]

Which HR Talent are the Top Companies Targeting?


It’s a question as old as time, do you invest or cut back in the face of turbulent times? An unprecedented storm in the global pandemic and now a bumpy ride with the economy, it’s enough to make business leaders feel weak at the knees. The competitive market for HR talent right now reflects changing […]

The Hardest Deal to Close in Private Equity?

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The Challenge of Hiring Women in Private Equity Despite the proven benefits of hiring women into Private Equity roles, the barriers persist. Could some simple changes to the recruitment process be the key to overcoming them? There have been hundreds of articles written over the past decade about why hiring female talent is one of […]

Partnership with WIBF

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Healy Hunt Partners with WIBF Women in Banking and Finance [WIBF] and Healy Hunt are delighted to announce their partnership. Our consultancy becomes one of the first specialist search consultancies to sign up with this influential group. “’We are hugely excited to have Healy Hunt join WIBF as one of our first specialist executive search […]

ESG Recruitment for Financial Services

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Our ESG Specialist, Tom Dagwell, looks at the role of ESG and the challenges of identifying candidates for mid to senior-level positions. ESG is more than a buzzword in the corporate world. Having been around for decades, the combined movement for environmental sustainability, social responsibility and governance is now being taken seriously. As with most […]

Why Use a Search Consultancy?

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What is the point of engaging a search consultancy when you can just go online yourself and find the staff you need? All you have to do is log into your LinkedIn account, perform a simple search based on a few keywords and your list of candidates will magically appear. Better still, post a detailed […]

Financial Services Recruitment Trends: London 2022

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Recruitment is nearly always part of the solution in Financial Services however bad things become. It became almost impossible at the height of lockdown, but a few people were still being placed and we should know because we were still placing them. UK Financial Services is a remarkably resilient sector, employment numbers have remained at […]

Healy Hunt Provides Executive Search for HR Roles

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Healy Hunt now offers search services for Human Resources roles. We have placed several senior HR professionals over the years but are now specifically focusing on this professional arena. Associate Director, Luke Snowdon is heading up our new practice and will provide the level of passion, integrity, emotional intelligence and tailored service that our clients […]