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Equity Sustainability and Governance

Access the best equity, sustainability and governance talent.

Sustainable and responsible investing demands more than the creation of long-term value. It requires an appreciation of the impact of capital driven by a deeper acceptance of ethical, social and environmental challenges.

Healy Hunt has built a network of ESG professionals, who care about the most important matters when it comes to investments – impact and value.

We engage with all of our existing and prospective clients about the culture of their teams, to allow us to have the most open, transparent discussions with candidates. Understanding the unique differences between client teams and organisations is one of the qualities that sets us apart from our competitors.

Candidates and clients trust us to provide clear information and support throughout every selection process and to take a proactive, well-informed role with all aspects of ESG and DEI. As ethical considerations increase in importance across Financial Services, our consultants are committed to supporting new levels of best practice.

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