ESG COP27 Update


E, S, and G are topics that aren’t new, by any stretch of the imagination. Still, their importance within the strategic agendas of almost every business, in every sector, has amplified enormously.

Each is as important as the other, in fact, they all affect how a business positions itself for the future – how it demonstrates sustainable practices to its clients and employees – and crucially, how it establishes its authentic motivations for doing so. It is absolutely critical we bridge the gap on data and reporting if we are to address the challenges of climate and broader sustainability concerns.


COP27 is happening in Sharm El Sheikh as I type, with world leaders across government and global corporates coming together to discuss urgent requirements and commitments towards greater reductions in the emission of greenhouse gases. It will be very interesting to hear about developments over the past 12 months following #COP26 in Glasgow. It has been a hugely challenging period for a number of reasons; the aftermath of the Global pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and wider geopolitical uncertainties. As a result, funding commitments haven’t been met, and questions will be asked about how the developed countries committed to the #ParisAgreement will accelerate their support. Truthfully, efforts need to be dragged forward well ahead of 2050.

The Role of Business in Sustainability

Private capital is being deployed in social and supported housing schemes more aggressively and frequently. It is good to see investment committed towards social impact, but much more still needs to be done. The UK government simply does not have the balance sheet to affect the scale of the issue. We are in the midst of a critical period where more cash liquidity from private sources is required to support a sector in desperate need.

Healy Hunt is partnering closely with our clients to ensure they are well-equipped and supported with the best minds in the #sustainability space – we’re hugely passionate about all things #ESG and #Climate, much as our clients and candidates are.


Tom Dagwell

Tom Dagwell

Tom is our ESG specialist, placing mid to senior level professionals in this emerging business function. Like so many of the people he places, he is passionate about sustainability.

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