How to Recruit Like an Entrepreneur

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The session will be held on Microsoft Teams so access is easy and the planned running time is only 30 minutes.

The webinar will be led by our MD, Mark Johns, and Raman Ramalingam, the founder of talentX, an innovative consultancy that has disrupted recruitment for start-ups and scale-ups. The webinar is targeted at companies with these profiles and larger firms who want to act like them.

It covers empowered recruitment for innovative, high-growth companies.

Recruit Like an Entrepreneur

Recruiting top talent and building resilient teams is a top priority for every startup. But recruitment has always been an expensive and time-consuming endeavour where every startup battles with every company around them to hire the best.

Preparing requirements specifications for the role, writing job ads and engaging recruiters are how corporations and large enterprise companies recruit job seekers.

But, how does a startup recruit?

While having minimal to no network, it is possible for every startup to engage with talent you will potentially hire without needing external support if you understand how to recruit like an entrepreneur.

In this webinar, we will break down a unique startup recruitment process that is different from any traditional recruitment approach and help you with a step-by-step guide on connecting with the talent you want to hire within the first 2 hours of starting your recruitment process. 

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